Heidi's Platform

Heidi’s two topmost guiding principles for decision-making are racial equity and environmental sustainability in three interlocked areas: health, education and economic security. She works hard on complex social challenges in these three areas every day, and you can count on her for the following:

First, to build a culture of health for all in Durham, Heidi is devoted to:

  • Aggressive carbon-reduction policies and changes that make Durham greener
  • Safe, affordable housing in neighborhoods free from drugs and violence
  • Access to nutritious food from local farms and distributors
  • Strong public health and social services that connect people with the resources they need
  • Sustainable growth that protects our natural resources and watersheds
  • Pedestrian- and bike-friendly trails and open spaces for physical activity and recreation

Second, to guarantee outstanding educational opportunities, Heidi will fight for:

  • A fully funded DPS budget for school operations, maintenance, and school construction
  • Expanded access to universal, high-quality Durham Pre-K
  • Delicious, nutritious food in our schools that 20,000 children depend on each day
  • Prevention of adverse childhood experiences and trauma for families

Third, to promote a vibrant economy with opportunities for everyone, Heidi will work hard for:

  • Economic development that creates well-paying jobs and benefits our residents and communities
  • Work-force development that aligns our residents’ skills with jobs coming to Durham
  • Transit options that serve the needs of all and connect people to jobs, schools and services
  • Increased County contracting with local and minority businesses