Heidi's Platform

I am running for County Commissioner because I believe in the people and potential of Durham and want to help our county thrive.  On the cusp of Durham’s renaissance, our challenge is to invest our resources so that all of our people share in Durham’s continued prosperity. If elected, I will listen with an open heart and mind and will work hard to achieve the following:

Guarantee outstanding educational opportunities for all

I am committed to:

  • Working with our school board to strengthen and fully fund our public schools as innovative, nurturing places where all Durham’s families choose to send their children and the best teachers want to work
  • Accelerating our community’s efforts toward high quality universal pre-K for 4-year-olds
  • Breaking the powerful link between poverty and diminished school success

Ensure that economic development in Durham builds opportunity for all

I will fight for sensible and sustainable growth that:

  • Protects our natural resources, critical watersheds, and neighborhoods from encroaching development
  • Includes future mobility plans that serve the transportation needs of all
  • Creates well-paying jobs
  • Promotes wise planning as a guide to future development
  • Advances pedestrian- and bike-friendly open spaces and trails

Continue to build a culture of health in Durham

I will be dedicated to:

  • The ability of all individuals and families to make choices that lead to healthier lives
  • Safe neighborhoods, free from violence
  • Increased access to nutritious food and opportunities for physical activity and recreation
  • Strong public health and social service programming that connects citizens with needed services